The Glasshouse


“The eagerly awaited new “Glasshouse ‘has finally opened its doors!

2 years in the making, which included trips to European to secure our very desirable and unique merchandise. The Glasshouse is an emporium of beautiful finds all centred around the subject of the garden.

Dovecotes, Obelisks, Antique furniture, glassware, textiles, lighting and an array of indoor and tropical plants to name but a few to help create our vision of ‘All things Garden.’ The Glasshouse is nestled between the plant nursery and The garden kitchen where the synergy between food and the garden meet.

From breakfast and lunch to afternoon tea the attention to create a plethora of food using nature’s own ingredients from the garden presents itself. Holden Clough continues to expand with our new Potting Shed development opening in the Autumn.

Garden equipment such as spades and forks, the necessary fertilisers and all ingredients and the knowledge of our in house garden plantsman will be based here to offer all the support to help create beautiful Gardens everywhere!

We look forward to welcoming you at Holden Clough Nurseries based in the  heart of the very beautiful Ribble Valley.